My Raintree solid wood series consists of various timber species from Malaysia

and other countries. The main timber species available are Acacia, Meranti, Sapeli. Rubberwood,

Poplar and others. We manufacture and distribute solid wood products like lamination board, butt joint and finger joint products, wood blocks, S4S and sawn timber to furniture, doors and construction industries.​


Our special A grade of Acacia Lamination Board are manufactured locally in Malaysia and it has a special non-sapwood surface butt joint on the A surface.  It is ideal for material for furniture making ; living room furniture, dining chairs and tables and bedroom furniture.  In addition, we also supply for B grade and Wire Brush grade. Another distinctive advantage of our Acacia board is that it is from legal sources with PEFC Ceritfication.


We supply various types of Meranti ranging from light red to dark red and yellow Meranti for your various furniture applications.  Depending on your requirements, we can select and supply the light density up to heavy density Meranti for S4S, finger joint strips, butt joint or finger joint laminated products, solid laminated products and wood blocks. 

Our special grade Yellow Meranti is also unique for furniture making due to its light color texture and grains, It looks especially good for table tops.


We supply AB grade Butt Joint Sapeli Lamination Board for furniture usage.  The light and creamy color and unique texture of the board provides  - Best Choice for furniture table top and panel based furniture.


If you are looking for high grade  rubberwood finger joint lamination board, our A+ and AB grade rubberwood S4S and lamination Board may be what you have been looking for. We have set stringent requirements for the rubberwood lamination board so that it can cater for your customers requirements.


We supply S4S, Solid and butt joint lamination board for the furniture making.  If you are looking for new or alternative timber  to Malaysia timber, this board may be the right choice for you.

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