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RT Solid Wood Series

My Raintree solid wood series consist of various timber wood species from Malaysia and other countries. The main timber species available are OAK, Walnut, KSK and Rubberwood. We manufacture and distribute solid wood lamination board and finger joint to furniture, doors and construction industries.


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Oak is classified as hardwood due to its strength uniformity and beautiful grain. Oak comes in many shades. Generally light beige to brown and red. With good working properties, Oak is easily hand carved to form artistic shapes and bent shapes. Due to its smooth surface, this wood species takes varnish well. With durability and appearance, Oak is preferred to use for furniture, structural wood, flooring, doors, windows, partition, deck railing and etc 


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In contrast with lighter coloured species, walnut is well known for its characteristic dark coloured wood with beautiful grain patterns. It is highly desired for expensive furniture and carpentry. Commonly used for furniture, musical instruments, and carvings. Walnut is strong but lightweight, stable, and durable. Another wood species with good working properties.


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KSK known as Kembang Semangkuk in Malaysia, Kapas-Kapasan in Indonesia, and Samrong in Thailand. It belongs to moderate hardwood category with density ranging from 515-755kg/M3 air dried. Moderately durable under exposed condition. It is susceptible to blue stain fungal infection and to powder -post beetle attack. It is also very easily treated with preservatives. KSK generally has good working and nailing properties. The beautiful grain of this wood species made it suitable for interior furnishing, panelling, moulding, furniture, joinery, plywood, staircase and etc!



If you are looking for high grade  rubberwood finger joint lamination board, our A+ and AB grade rubberwood S4S and lamination Board may be what you have been looking for. We have set stringent requirements for the rubberwood lamination board so that it can cater for your customers requirements.

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