We supply construction plywood and coreboard for various application in furniture and construction industries. Such eco-friendly product is the perfect choice for any green project

that required eco-friendly timber based products. 


Our Shuttering Board is produced from Palm materials and tropical wood veneer and has been used in the construction industry for decades. It is an environmental friendly product as more than 80% of the materials are from sustainable wood resources.

We have thickness ranging from 9.0mm to 25.0mm with standard 4' x 8' size. In addition we also offer special grade Teco Film Plywood.


Our Coreboard is made from plantation timber harvested in Malaysia. We supply conventional or light weight Coreboard for your various application. Especially if you are looking for Eco-friendly and light weight wood to produce your furnitures, partition or doors, this is the perfect choice for you.  It is light yet solid! 

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